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Transforming “Shark Drunk” (“Havboka”) - from top class theatre to the silver screen in 4 days.   

In spite of the Corona lock-down, and with a limited one week of pre-production and four days of shooting, my amazing crew made it possible to transform the award winning book and theatre play “Shark Drunk” (“Havboka”) to film.

Why film ? Theatre is absolutely best on the stage, but this was a very different project altogether, especially now that Covid 19 has shuttered most of our theaters. With Havboka I saw a possibility to use my film language to give the audience a different experience, a closer, more precise and maybe even more tender view of the story.

I was fascinated by how Ole Anders (director of the play) and actor Jan Sælid (actor) had created this wry, surrealistic, weird and melancholy piece about the denizens of the deep. The story manages to give us accessible science, in a soothing and contemplative fashion, and with a huge dose of humor.

It was easy to say yes to direct and shoot the film version of “Havboka”.

Seeing Jan as the flesh-eating, razor-skinned sea monster is AMAZING and worth watching on your home screen or in cinemas!


The book "Shark Drunk" has earned Morten A. Strøksnes the Norwegian Brage Prize 2015, the Norwegian Critics’ Prize for Literature 2015 and has been sold to 23 countries.

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