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What’s it like to work as a cinematographer in a movie production

It was great talking to Saya Mediazan and her 964 Tube KU. The 45 min. Interview cover everything from my childhood, 35mm film, bigger budget films to shoot low budget on iPhone.

If you are new to the industry and would like to know a bit about the work as a cinematographer - or just curious -the 45 min. interview cover everything from; my childhood, actor's background, super-8, documentary films, my entry into feature films, how to work with actors, focus on the character, how and why to choose projects, military precision in preparation and shoot, expanding the story with images (or confusion if done wrong) , how long pre-production time is usual?, dare to be vulnerable in pre-production and during shooting, film is a short intense marriage, maximize the story in relation to a limited budget, my favorite camera, how wonderful 35mm film still is, how to make a film on a mini-budget on an iPhone , everything starts with a good history.

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