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The best craft service in Canada ?

Last day of shooting in Sault Ste Marie in Canada. We are moving to Cologne next week.

I am thrilled by the combination of ARRI LF with a great set of Canon K35, Sigma PL and the new Panasonic S1. ARRI LF has enough resolution to extract the beauty of the softer K35 lenses in a very cinematic way. The Large format is specially great in combination with wide angle lenses. No feeling of fish eye with curved edges - just wider images.

A world of undiscovered images

The new Panasonic S1 has some unique qualities. Same image size as Arri LF and a Cine gamma (V-Log) curve with impressive dynamic range. The camera sees details deep deep in to the dark, dark night. The High ISO, 4K 4:2:2 and the dynamic range let you see places in the dark that has not been accessible before. It's almost like diving, leaving the surface - in to a world of undiscovered images.

I really look forward to start shooting in Cologne, but will miss SINDY GRANBERG and SUZANNE SHAWBONQUIT and their excellent Craft Service THE CRAFTY CHICKS!

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to show what's behind the clapboard....

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