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Stella Days, starring Martin Sheen

25 days of shooting on a period film from the mid 50´s can be tough enough in the unpredictable Irish weather.   After 20 days of shoot, it started to snow. It was snowing like is never have done before (in the “ever-green”  country of Ireland).

I have have had some very nice 25 shooting days (super fast but fun) together with director  Thaddeus O’Sullivan.  Since I was a young kid the deep impression that “Apocalypse Now” made on me have glued to my mind ever since.  It was therefore a great pleasure and an honor to work with the main character in the film, Martin Sheen. His always positive attitude and his professionalism was amazing.  It would be very bad not to mention Stephen Rea, Marcella Plunkett and Trystan Gravelle as well !!. They where super good actors that gave all their good spirit to the job and made my job easy :-)

The film is my first feature done on a digital system. I must admit – digital capture still not my first choice.But the project was too good to let it down cause of format. 

I got the opportunity to work with the new RED MX sensor and my own developed On Set Software Keyframe Concept. Andreas (DIT) from Norway did a tremendous job to give me the very best technical backing to be able to push the digital limitations to its borders.

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