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Shooting The Ash Lad /Askeladden with a revolutionary new light

It is a real joy to work on The Ash Lad, a fairytale feature film directed by Mikkel Sandemose.  Unfortunately,  I can not show you real pictures from the Alexa camera ( will come later, closer to the premiere). When you have a 10 meter tall Troll as one of the main characters, it is fun to play with cranes, back light and high angle shots.  Great to be in the Prague area with a super crew and cast.

After my first two weeks of shoot, night interior with candles,  daylight with HMI and exterior night with both fire and HMI, the prototype of the new SoftBx Juliette | BiColor 3200/5600K LED have preformed amazingly good.  I have used 1- 4 of them in every set up. It seems like they blend perfect with other sources.

There are no sign of green or magenta. The actors face looks like they are colored by light from “real sources” like daylight, fire or candle light. I have not seen any of the typical LED problems like “on top of the skin layer”  with the plastic/artificial look.

Because of the new LED Ultra technology, the unique colorimetric specter,  specially deep down in the blue area, the The SoftBx Juliette blend smoothly with the skin tones and gives them a rich deep color.

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