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Behind the scenes, “The Kings Choice”

– one of the most demanding  – and fun – projects I have ever done.

Long hand hold camera moves. Many of them, 10 minutes in one go. More like a Dogma project, or like reality TV ? – but still a rather big feature, a war drama from 1940. For interior day scenes, we used bigger HMI light outside the windows. To be able to shoot 360 degree, we had to hang them underslung , using industrial cranes,  one for each unit. Actors where free to move almost everywhere.  In this kind of situations, It is is a kind of a dance to coordinate light, camera, sound and  focus pullers- without making too much noise or be in shot.

I had the most talented  – and invisible – crew to make this happen. And sometimes – myself as a documentary cameraman in shot, with appropriate camera and costume (and mustache)  from 1940.

photo: Agnete Brun /courtesy of Paradox. 2. camera operator Martin Otterbeck in the background.
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