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NRK and FNF testing 9 LED lights in CRI and TLCI values.

25 Cinematographers, Gaffers, DIT and light measure Engineers where gathered at Storyline Camera Rental House in Oslo, Norway to test 9 different LED light vendors.  We measured direct light (as the eye see the light) and reflected light (as the camera see the light) in both CRI and TLCI values.

The various LED lights was tested against Tungsten, candles, HMI and Daylight.

We also tested the new Softlights LED with Deep Blue LED  (that emits light from 380 Nanometer, and using three phosphors). After using a prototype of those lights on my last feature, I have the impression that they penetrate the skin differently than the standard phosphor blue 430 Nm LED. The Deep Blue LED looks more real with deeper skin tones.  It will be very exiting to read the results in a week or two.

Both QT and Arri Raw files and the extensive result of the complete test will be available for you to download.

The test have been marked with a number only (not the name of the vendor) We would love to get you  “blind test” opinion on the different set up´s/LED lights.

Camera equipment,  Studio, DIT, Video assist operator and camera assistant was delivered free of charge from Storyline Camera Rental. 

Thank you all for a tremendous help !

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