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Winner of The Norwegian Film Critics association award 2013

A Thousand Times Good Night, directed by my long time friend Erik Poppe, have been one of my most demanding and amazing stories transferred to the big screen. A few days ago, we both received an award from the The Norwegian Film Critics´association. This is the first time in their 64 year history they give a price to a Cinematographer. 

From the press Release: “The winner distinguishes himself by putting his own signature on the films he is involved in. Right from beginning, the film’s powerful prologue reflects this signature in the composition of the images.The cinematographer has a distinctive ability to work with the light´s countless dimensions and to use colors to tie scenes, moods and tableaux together. The drama unfolds amidst intense and beautiful close-ups. The nuances in the visualization of this epic story has a distinct personal expression and touch .

Cinematography in itself has power. The photographer’s job is to manage that power. Just as reality sets in between the Cinematographer and the object, our awardee emphasizes the beauty, the pain and the immeasurable [undefinable] emotion that the imagery will evoke in the viewer. It’s all about the image’s ability to communicate the unclear boundary between the cinematographer as a spectator and cinematographer as a participant .

Our awardee use cinematography as a tool and as an artistic expression and the result is a solid foundation for the film’s starting point and theme”

I am very proud to be a part of the “A Thousand Times Good Night” crew . I am honored by their extraordinary commitment and professionally to this special project: We are all winners of this price .

© Picture: Courtesy of Rushprint

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