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The Half Brother / Halvbroren. The biggest Norwegian TV success ever !

More than a million Norwegians tuned in Sunday evening to the much-hyped premiere of the new television series based on Lar Saabye Christensen’s epic novel Halvbroren (The Half Brother). “It becomes more than just a TV series with so many watching,” Per Olav Sørensen, who directed the series, told NRK on Monday.

“It becomes a national event.” Kristian Tolonen, analysis chief for NRK, said the viewership was historic as well. “This is the best opening a drama series on NRK has ever had,” Tolonen told

Halvbroren have been an amazing jurney for me – all the way 3 years back in time when I started to plan the visual design. I have had a super crew, the best cast and a very exiting story to visualize. 5 or 6 starts in all major newspapers create a very good feeling.

I will put this memories in my inbox for later use… y never know when the next slaughter critic arrive…

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