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Shooting "The Middle Man" in Sault Ste Marie, Canada.

Updated: Sep 28, 2019

«Strange deaths and a relaxed loser as the towns beacon of bad news. A bizarre and absurd look upon Trump’s USA today. Dark, but humorous, with a touch of love and dash of hope»

After more than 30 year since we did our first film together, Bent Hamer (Eggs/Kitchen Stories/ Factotum) and I will do a new film together based on the novel SLUK / The Middle Man by Lars Saabye Christensen, one of the leading contemporary Nordic writers. Two years ago we started the search to find the perfect stand-in for our "Karmack City". We ended up in the wonderful town Sault Ste Marie, close to the US twin city on the other side of the bridge. In some few hours the train will leave the station. Hopefully everything is onboard for a 32 days shoot both in Canada and in Germany.

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