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re-creating “østbanen” train station for “The king´s Choice”

I am at the moment half way trough the film “Kings Choice”, directed by Erik Poppe. A part of the film takes place when the king and his royal family escape the German soldiers by train from Oslo Central station in 1940.

To be able to cover a distance of 60 meter (200 ft.) with more then 100 actors and actors, we needed to build a 12×12 meter(40x40ft.) blue screen. Because of the giant size, we had to be sure the construction would survive strong wind. We used 6 heavy barracks.

Picture 2: 3 of my wonderful camera crew:

Focus Puller Jens Patterson, DIT Kim Bach, Grip Jim K Nilsen and video assist operator Marius Redsand. Camera assistant Andreas Bjorseth and B camera operator Martin Otterbekk was not there when I took the picture..

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