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5 nights in Ukraine with director Martin Campbell

Updated: May 3, 2018

I must admit, I did not expect that the director´s Cut of the Lenovo Commercial would end up in the Cinema.  The more then 90 second long Director´s Cut is now playing at the Cinemas in UK. 

Sometimes it is great fun and a privilege to do commercials.

This project, a 5 days(nights) shoot in Kiev and Odessa with director Martin Campbell and assistant director Bruce Moriarty was one of those… 

We rented one of the biggest container harbor  ´s I have seen. The local crew where very helpful and helped my gaffer to build a “moon”, where I ( wireless) could mix between daylight and tungsten and move the 100K softbox  all over the 4x football field size area.

We filmed  in Odessa for 3 nights, then moving to Kiev for EXT street  and some beautiful Interiors.  The great stunt´s where precisely supervised by Gary Powell. A big kiss to Producer Diane Leuci that that made it all happen very smooth.

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